Monday, June 04, 2007

It's just started!

Finally, I got married on April 29th, 2007.

After the wedding day in Canada, I went back to Japan to have a party with Dan & Jack, Dan's parents, my parents, sister, and relatives. It was so fun!

I was so happy that I could have two parties in Canada and Japan because I could see so many smile of our guests during the parties!

I just came back from Japan.
When I was leaving Tokyo, I felt lonely away from my family and I wasn't sure that I can survive in Canada. But when I arrived at the Toronto airport and drove along the peaceful view, I felt I'm sure I love this county and I'm sure I will enjoy living here with my new family and this breathtaking scenery.

Yes, it's just started!

Here is the wedding picture which my younger sister took.

Monday, March 19, 2007

OK! I'm ready!!

OK! I'm getting ready to the wedding day!! ( Well, little by little...)

I've finally finished to make our invitation cards last night. What a relief!!!!!
Oooops, I still have to seal up those envelopes though...

Also, I think I'm ready to restart keeping my blog now!
Of course, I've never forgotten it!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The best smile in the world.

This is my dad.
He is suiffering from a serious cerebral nerve disease since he was 60 years old.

He can't walk. He can't eat by himself. He can't talk. He has no mental capacity.
The only thing he can do is to express his feelings. Happy, silent, or sad. Smile, frown, or cry.

But I guarantee that his smile is the best smile in the world. It's his heart of gold that makes him smile. His smile has saved me so many times. He changes the atmosphere, even in the public. How great the smile's power is!!

Today, my dad, mom and I went to the day-care center. It held a sports festival for senior patients. Actually, he's the youngest, also he's the only one who can't join the games. But, he still looked so happy. I love his smile, and I 'm proud of him very much.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

About my little buddy.

Let me introduce my little buddy to you today.
It's my old 'film' camera.

I bought this when I decided to take photos of northern mother nature.
That was a big decision for me, because it was quite expensive (for me) at that time.

I took it whereever I was traveling and saw many unforgettable beautiful scenery together.

I took it to the Denali national park, the ANWR in Alaska, Dempster highway, Old Crow in Y.T., Tsiigehtchic in N.W.T.,etc, etc. We were always together when I was having a tough time and delightful time. So, I didin't feel alone. When I got dipressed, I just went out with my little buddy.

I've started to use digital camera out of necessity since few years ago, but still I love my little buddy.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The homework from my grandma.

My grandma past away yesterday. She was 90 years old in this October.

I regreted that it was not enough to talk with her for me. I'm sure that I needed to learn so many things from my grandma. About the way of life, being a wife, being a mother, etc, etc. When I realized that point, she was in critical condition.

I had a phone call telling me my grandma was in critical condition at 8:30 pm Thursday night. I was on my way home.
She had a kidny desease and had to get dialyzed several times per week, but she's getting better day by day. She could eat some food with her own hands just one week ago. But when I rush to the room of the hospital, her breath hard...even it stopped every ten minutes. She was in danger for five hours...and breathe her last calmly with her child and grandchild at 0:20 am yesterday before dawn .

In my memories, she always smiled. She didn't upset in any case. She praised me for something about me whenever I visited her. That really encouraged me. I think she noticed that I had no confidence in myself. I loved and respected my grandma.

I'm glad that I could introduce my fiance and his son this May. She looked that she accepted the situation. I'm sure that she was bewildered when I brought Dan and Jack to her house.

And after that, she might concern that I am inexperienced in housework and kitchen work. Japanese ladies used to learn those things as feminine knowledge. She was completely disgusted with my ignorance. Several times she said that I should dress smartly and be domestic woman after the example of my younger sister. I was so shocked because she also said that I was too busy taking photographs. "What have you been doing all this time?" she sighed.

Since then, I tried to do my best. When I visit my grandma in the hospital, I tried to dress more smartly than before. Sometimes, I told her what I learned in the cooking class which I was taking. But I always feel that I'm not enough.

Now I understand what she was worried. I'm sure I was exasperatingly useless for my grandma. She was really handy at everything. Cooking, sewing, dressing smartly, making preserved food...and she was an intellectual. I think those all things enlivened her life.

I will keep what she concerned in my mind . That's my homework from my grandma.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Three more months!

Fall seems just around the corner in Tokyo. Finally, it's getting cool in the morning and at night.
I was waiting anxiously for this fall since May. It'll be soon to start to live with Dan & Jack!

I decieded not to visit Dan & Jack this winter because it's too expensive to go to Ontario and come back to Tokyo. Dan wanted me to visit in Christmas season this year, but it costs more than $1500 if I buy a round trip ticket! And I need some time to pack up my stuff after finishing my job on December 30th.

So, only three more months!

It's too far away to see Dan & Jack, but on the other hand, it's too short to spend some time together with my parents and my younger sister for me.

Actually, it doesn't seem real yet that I'll leave here and can't see my family not so often from next year.
I can't imagine I'll not be able to live together with my parents. I still feel like traveling between Canada and Japan as ever.

How will I feel when I leave Japan? Am I going to get homesick?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Breathtaking trekking!

Today, I went to Nagano to see my friends to trek a low mountain together. It was a beautiful day to hike! Clear sky, moderate temperature and nice wind...

It took one and a half hour to the top. There were some steep part. I was so exhausted when I got to the summit. I promised by myself to start to build up my physical strength!

The view from the summit was indescribably beautiful! I could see Mt. Fuji far away. When I was taking a short rest and looking around the mountain range, I realized again that I get very excited and I love the landscape and beautiful rural scenery.

I was of two minds about my future 4 years ago. To keep doing my job or to quit my job. I was a computer graphic designer of TV program in Tokyo at that time. I felt that I was not suitable person for that job and for the life in Tokyo. I should be always in the forefront of fashion in TV program, but I was not. Even I wasn't interested in following the fashion. And it's too hurry-scurry to live in Tokyo for me.

On the other hand, I was getting interested in a book. The book was written by Michio Hoshino who was a photographer of Alaska. He wrote about caribou migration in the north. At the same time, my dad came down with a brain cell disease.

On occasion an encounter with a single book can change one's life forever.

I thought I should change my lifestyle and do what I really want to do right now. I couldn't wait to do that till retiring age. So, I quit the job and dreamed to travel around the Arctic Circle to see the caribou migration.

I think I made a right decision. I was very lucky, because I could meet many nice local people and go many place which I wanted to go. And, of course, I could find a nice father and son: Dan & Jack in northern Canada. When I was taking a short rest and looking around the mountain range, I remembered the Canadian landscape. And I missed my new family. I was sure I am on the right track !